best substrate for a planted tank

The types of substrates for the planted aquariums

Are you looking out for a base substrate for your newly planted aquarium? There are types of substrate that can be used for your new planted tank. Let us have a brief on these. Since you are looking out for the best substrate for a planted tank you can check the options mentioned below. There is no such thing that is a perfect substrate but it is the choice of the user.

Before you opt for substrate material, here is what you need to consider:best substrate for a planted tank

  • The substrate should be oxygenated and fluffy: when you are choosing a substrate you need to be aware and make sure that it shouldn’t be too soft not too dense which implies that it will provide good circulation and penetration of roots. Thus over a period of time, the substrate will not get oxygenated well, so you need to ensure that it does.
  • The number of nutrients: there should be an ample amount of good quality nutrients present in the substrate which should be readily be absorbed by the soil. Also, you need to make sure that the nutrients are not being overdosed in the substrate. If a substrate is too rich in its nutrient content then the nutrients will get leaked and this will result in the trigger of the growth of algae.
  • Effects on the chemistry of water: some substrate materials change the water chemistry very drastically. Thus it is essential to make sure that it has not been loaded with limestone or any calcium content which will further lead to hardening of water and thus affect other things as well.

Substrate types of planted tank:

Carib Sea Eco-Complete: this contains all the essential nutrients and minerals as per the requirement. This substrate is very efficient and simple to use. Also, its colors are very appealing to the eyes. Apart from that, it is also considered to be amazing all around. It doesn’t contain any artificial substances. Also, you do not need to worry as there is no discoloration of water.

Seachem Fluorite: this is a clay based substrate which has a high iron content. But because it is rich in its iron content there is a tendency that it might lack some other essential nutrients and thus it might not be effective for those plants whose roots are highly delicate. Its color variants will include red, beige and black so you need to opt the best one that suits your design well. It is one of the well-known and trusted brands out there. It is quite simple and easy to use and also doesn’t have any complicated composition. The clay gravel is porous and it doesn’t affect the chemistry of the water.

ADA Aquasoil: well, this substrate is rich in nutrients. Also, the granules are the perfect size of the aquatic plants. This is considered to be a good option if you keep a variety of plants in your aquatic tank. It also is useful as it lowers the level of pH and softens water.

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