best electric dog fence.
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Best Electric Dog Fence: Best For The Best


A dog fence serves as a boundary or a barrier that prevents the pet from roaming around freely. This is done to prevent the dog from harming others as well as from being harmed when he moves out of the house. These are of two types: traditional fences and electrical fences. Traditional fences include fencing done with the help of material such as wood or metal. Electric fence on the other hand includes fencing done with or without wire. These are more in-ground fences. In today’s time electric fencing is preferred more and people look for the best electric dog fence. This is because of the following reasons:

best electric dog fence.

  • Affordability: The material used in traditional fences makes it comparatively expensive than electric fencing. Moreover the labour cost in the setup of the traditional fence adds up making it more expensive.
  • Adaptability: Traditional fencing is limited to only certain kind of slopes. Electric fence on the other hand doesn’t have such limitation. It is preferable for all the slopes even in hilly and wooded areas.
  • Reliability: It is highly possible that dogs who have a high prey anxiety might escape from a traditional fence. However this is less likely in case of electric fence.
  • Maintenance: The traditional fence undergo wear and tear and thus needs a good maintenance cost. Moreover the set up of electric fence is also comparatively easier.
  • Other benefits: Aesthetics is also an important factor for some. Some people might not want anything to ruin the view if their garden by putting a fence so they prefer electric fence.

However, one cannot ignore the limitations of an electric fence. For instance, in these cases the dog needs to be properly trained. Some dogs might take a longer time to understand. Some people also consider the collar shock as an inhumane treatment. This is, however, not the case. The shock that dogs receive is not a direct shock rather it is a static discharge.

What makes for a best electric dog fence?

  • Coverage: A best electric dog fence is the one which can cover a larger area. To be on a safer side people usually buy a fence with a larger covering area.
  • Waterproof wiring: This is also an important factor since most of the people keep their dogs in the gardens. The waterproof character of the wire allows the owner to be tension free.
  • Wire break alarm: Today many of the highly developed fences also give a wire break alarm. This is important because a wire break can lead to the dog escaping.
  • Battery: A best electric dog fence is the one that has a good battery life. Moreover it also important to ensure that the battery is easily changeable thus ensuring convenience.
  • Multiple support: People who have more than one dog or are likely to get another dog in the future should buy a fence that can support multiple collars.

Thus, while buying an electric fence it is important to keep these points in mind. On the basis of these point one can make the best choice out of the options or fences available in the market. Electric fence is today widely used and preferred. It has its wide range of benefits as mentioned earlier.

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