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Band saw using tips for a crafter like you

Big machines are used in industries for commercial manufacturing in a big bulk amount, while small industries who make a small number of products use machines which need human help. But, there are some people who choose to work with the tools themselves and create something for them on their own. The tools mainly are chosen according to their needs. One of those tools is a band saw. It is a saw machine with one blade that is sharp and long and has a band which is continuous and has toothed metal which is stretched and is between a pair of wheels. The wheels provide movement to the material to be acted upon for cutting.

The material can be wood or metal. Band saw helps to make slabs however thin a person wants it to be. Smoothest cuts result through the band saw only. The manual saw is much difficult to cut with and does not even provide finishing. So how are you supposed to use it if you are working on a project yourself? You got to look at the band saw using tips.

Using tipsband saw using tips

  • You can cut the edges present on the exterior portion of the wood. It helps to smooth out the edges. Also, it helps to lessen the amount of material which is yet to be removed from the piece.
  • Non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, and brass which is thin-walled, can be cut too. You have to choose a blade with very fine teeth that are hardened or else the dullness will start to show.
  • There is zero clearance instantly. Offcuts won’t be jammed in throat plate delaying your work. You can paste a thin cardboard sheet over the material with the help of tape and the cut will be made smoothly.
  • You can even try out relief cuts too. Cutting a contoured profile is very easy with it. Just make sure that when you reach the relief cut, free the blade and continue to cut other lines.
  • You can use a dollar bill for setting up a saw that is attached with thrust bearings and metalled blade guides. It is best for making adjustments.
  • When you see the blade getting dull, make sure to replace it in order to prevent difficulties while material cutting.
  • Tension releasing is a necessity. As when there is a tension, a type of metal fatigue is produced which makes the blade to break in a premature state. It also affects the rubber tires of the saw.
  • Use different blades for different cutting requirements and also keep upgrading them. The curves and lines that you want can be mad with the suitable blades only.
  • Square steel guide blocks act like blade killers and reduce the sharpness of the saw blade. Olson Cool blocks help to self-lubricate preventing overheating too.
  • Always start with the shallow angle first moving towards the steep angle.

These are some of the band saw using tips which will help you to use the band saw and not be worried about the resultant product.

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