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ELA activity for the whole family, English language arts activity, making a homeschool newspaper

ELA Activity| Making A Homeschool Newspaper|ELA Activity| Making A Homeschool Newspaper|

We are midway through the year and everyone feels a bit burnt out so I decided to canvass the next weeks’ lessons and come up with an alternative activity to [...]

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Tags: #ELA activity for the whole family #English language arts activity #making a homeschool newspaper

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Writing on the Wall is Great For Kids! |How to teach a child to write their name|Writing on the Wall is Great For Kids! |How to teach a child to write their name|

Ok, hear me out.. We think of writing on the wall as taboo but the activity is so beneficial to development. I had my head start students learn to write [...]

Free all-in-one CurriculumFree all-in-one Curriculum

Ah, so exciting! I got the EP(easy peasy) assignments page ready for homeschooling preschool (ages 3&4) plus 6th and 8th grade with advanced placements! Easy Peasy all-in-one home-school is a [...]

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