DIY Multipurpose Board

So I wanted to make something easy and portable but also functional and easy to change. This is a 12X12 frame with a pop out stand on the back and a plexi-type plastic window(instead of glass). I use all kinds of dry erase markers with no issues. I also like to cut a magic eraser into a few cubes to make small erasers and use them dry to clean the marker off with ease.

Swap out the pages as you change themes to keep a fresh background for whatever your board will display. I added 4 or 5 fall-themed pieces of scrapbook paper to the frame so I can switch them out frequently. I’ll switch for all winter and Christmas pages after Thanksgiving!

I may make more of these as they can be so many things; dry-erase lap-boards for each kid, family shopping lists, menus, a calendar, reminders, notes, to-do list… the possibilities are endless!

I love not needing to crop the paper in any way! This 12X12 frame is perfect to use any paper but I can still use them for scrapbook pages later on!