Flat Family Project: US History

This is our flat family! I am looking for friends and family who would like our flat family to come visit through the mail! They come with a little questionnaire about their adventure with you and a return envelope.

Similar to the “Flat Stanley Project” based on a 60’s book about a boy who got squished flat (he is otherwise fine) and his parents mail him all over to see the world. The original project is meant to be for geography but we are studying American history so I’m putting a spin on it to make our own version.

Dear Mr. President and Dear Officer Snyder

To tie in to our area of study we are aiming more to visit people rather than places but we would like to travel to as many US states as we can! Our first destination is the White House! Who are we looking to visit this year? Current and former US military veterans from the various branches, Native Americans, current and former police officers, current and former politicians, any early American history buffs that just want to help me make learning engaging and meaningful and anyone in a state other than Ohio that wants to join the fun!

Dear Michigander and Dear Kentuckian

We will also host any flat friends that want to see us! We will go to our closest Ohio visitors center off the highway and take pictures of your flattys near the Ohio info signs and email them to the family as well as gathering freebies like maps or visitor guides to mail back!

To make our flat Family I used left-over blank bodies from an old project as the base. I cut the faces out of wallet sized school pictures and glued them on. For the clothes, I cut up 1 body to make stencils and traced the top and bottom halves onto 1 piece colorful scrapbook paper to make 5 different shirts and 5 different bottoms. After they were glued together I scanned and printed 2 extra sets (cutting them out took forever). I then laminated all three sets. I decided to cut them into strips instead of individuals because we have so many kids and I felt keeping them in a strip would make for easier photo staging.

I drafted 3 simple intro letters to send along depending on if we are mailing to learn about a state, interview a person or both. I have also included and simple body template. I will encourage the kids to brainstorm their own questions to ask, write or type their questions out and then add them to the envelope as well as an intro letter, set of flat kids and blank paper or space for additional information.

If you wish to host our flat family please email sarah@momsmith.com your name and address so they can be added to the itinerary. Also please include your state and/or career so we can brainstorm what questions we will ask you.

**Edit- We have a current police officer and the states of Michigan and Kentucky!