Mensa Kids

Mensa is probably best known for it’s IQ testing and the Mensa Honors Society for the profoundly gifted. Mensa for kids is a completely free online resource full of lesson plans, activities and mini units! I will be checking the website often to check for extensions that might align with current topics through out the year.

I used the lesson plan titled “Kingdom Animalia” to supplement my first week’s lessons in science (Zoology 1-8 by Lee Giles). It blended perfectly with the lesson I intended to teach in week 1 and added some wonderful content and activities.

We also will be joining the Mensa kids reading program! I printed the check lists for each kid based on reading levels and we will try to complete the lists in 1 year. They program offers a T-shirt and Award for completing so after the lists are done I will sign them, print and sign the application and mail them to Mensa! I can not wait to roll out this piece to our learning time and I can wait to search for the books!