Starting Place – Leaving public school to home school

I wanted to post today about these additional binders and what documents I use when I need answers. I have printed a copy of the Ohio learning progressions and Ohio early learning progressions. I also have printed the Ohio state law on homeschooling.

I don’t use these every day but often enough and they are the most accurate source of information on home school expectations as well as learning expectations. Of course you don’t have to print them, you can simply bookmark the pages online and visit when needed. The actual Ohio state law is of course helpful because it spells out exactly what needs to be done by me and my district and what my rights are as a home schooling parent.

The learning standards, which are progressions in each subject, go from birth to graduation. For example, “Algebraic thinking” in toddlers is noticing patterns in life. Your child grabbing a book before getting in bed every night because they know the routine is actually a building block of understanding algebra! Preschoolers notice, copy and create patterns in their environment like lining up boy-girl, copying or creating a 2-3 step movement set like clap-stomp-jump and following multi-step routines like flush-get soap- wash-rinse- dry. These learning progressions show the typical sequence of understanding in each subject and will help you “place” your child when you aren’t sure what grade or level they should be working on .

* Curriculum brands often offer free “placement tests” but keep in mind they are based solely on that curriculum brand and would not translate into an accurate placement with another brand. The Ohio standards are not linked to any particular brand and they are what the public school system uses to teach and place Ohio’s kids.