My 3rd Grade Curriculum Choices 20/21

As you all know, from either reading prior posts or from spending 5 minutes with me since my books arrived, I’m so excited to say I have chosen to use the Easy-Peasy all-in-one free curriculum for all of my core coursework this year. This is my first year using it but I have heard nothing but good things. I should probably say I do not represent them in any way nor do I know enough about them to represent them. I will be sharing a lot of resources I find along with brief descriptions in my own words as I will in this post. I recommend going to any and all official curriculum websites do your own research and seek proper guidance from their support teams. I will also supplement with lots of additional fun stuff I’ve found but this core curriculum will cover all I need to stay par with the public schools learning progressions and it’s free with a great website and amazing social media support networks.

Every single page is available for free for download and print on the website. Every single book is for sale through amazon for cheaper than ink and paper so we chose to purchase the workbooks. When you select books through the actual curriculum website you get the most up-to-date versions available on amazon (people resell old “gently used” copies sometimes) which is nice but not what I was looking for. YELLOW= 3RD GRADE MATH/LANG/LIT. Blue=5th. Purple=6th. I love the color themes for these grade specific subjects because I have a lot of parent guides to juggle!

These are the science and history consumable books for my 3rd, 5th, 6th & 8th grade kids. They use “themes” to keep the family group working on the same general learning progressions. 4 themes in elementary school (1-4) and then revisit those 4 themes through middle school (5-8) but doing much more in depth study. I am so thrilled that they have these classes essentially together since these will have the most opportunities for field trips and experiments and museums! I chose to start with the early american history theme because I already intended to focus on that era through the Tuttle Twin books and study of the essay “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat in 1850 and how those ideals shaped the free world.

One thing I know about 3rd grade is we have to learning multiplication facts! I’m hoping to to share the second pack so he can video flashcard practice with a friend since normal flashcards can be “so boring”. The Disney worksheets might be an extra credit opportunity for Mom Bucks or just extras to choose from if we need more practice on something. Madlibs are by far the most fun way to learn word types which I also know are important work in 3rd grade. I’m still working to identify how I’ll meet his need for gifted mathematics, I am waiting to see how the base curriculum fits his place on the learning math progressions.