Vlogging, Social Media and Me, oh my!

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Hi guys, I’m back with just a few thoughts I wanted to share on the subjects of vlogging and social media. So I have this website but the traffic often comes from my social media pages where I’ve shared links to the content. The trouble is, as a personal choice I am aiming to avoid social media. So while I do still sign on regularly to check my pages and messages I am not posting much on my personal page and have asked friends and family share news via my phone number. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. While I have no intentions of deleting or leaving any platforms. I am fasting from social media because I found that lately I’ve wasted quite a bit of time just mindlessly scrolling and I need to refocus on staying present and not disconnecting as much throughout the day.

Vlogs? Ugh! I’m not sure what the future has in store for my brand but I’ve been considering vlogging more and more. I have been thinking this may be a great additional layer to my content and possibly help me reach more people. This sounds great and daunting at the same time. While I love learning new things, I always need to consider the time and energy that will be needed. I have never really messed with video editing software but I found today that my laptop does have software already installed. After the work I’ve done so far to build this website with no experience, training or assistance, I know that some things are worth learning the DIY and some things are best left to someone who has already mastered the art. In 2021 Momsmith Vlogs just might be on their way.