Flat Family Project: Update #1

So one of the first projects of our school year was the flat family project. If you don’t know what that is, I do have a complete explanation in the original blog post so go check that out, it’s called The Flat Family Project: American History. Basically we mailed flat versions of the kids to various places to collect information pertaining to America.

We sent out our 3 sets to the White House, Kentucky and a police officer. Unfortunately the White House and Kentucky did not return our families or their questionnaires to us. Officer Snyder did though and the kids we so happy to read the answers and discuss everything and see the pictures!

We then mailed out the 1 remaining family to Michigan and sadly they did not return. I am trying to find the motivation to make more and try again but right now the flat family project is at a stand still. I sent them with postage paid return envelopes to ensure they get sent back at our expense so I’m not sure why they did not give them back. Maybe they’re floating around in the mail still and they will come home one day and be a great surprise. I will say the last time we mailed the White House we did not get a response for about 9 months so perhaps that one is not lost yet.

During the making of this update I did notice while looking back on the original post, that some of the download buttons are broken for the free letters and templates so while I’m fixing them maybe I’ll put together another couple sets for us and mail them out. I will say our list of people wanting to participate is truly enormous and that is very exciting and motivating to get this project working again! I made a post in a Facebook group that shares educational resources and shared my projected and asked for people wanting to participate and got a great response and we made a substantial list in my planning binder. We have a place to visit in almost every state as well as veterans and police officers to interview so I believe we will be learning through this project for a few years to come.