Free all-in-one Curriculum

Ah, so exciting! I got the EP(easy peasy) assignments page ready for homeschooling preschool (ages 3&4) plus 6th and 8th grade with advanced placements! Easy Peasy all-in-one home-school is a free Christian based all inclusive pk-12 home-school curriculum. I will be using this as a core for my first year homeschooling k-12 kids. I will also blend it into my already established home-school preschool curriculum. I will also supplement with a large variety of online resources and paid curriculum products but I will elaborate on those in their own posts when I have more info to share on them. I have used EP with the preschoolers during the original school closure. They love doing the letter games and it keeps them busy and at the table with all the school aged learners. While I have to juggle many children’s learning needs through some remote & in class learning and some homeschooling, I think it will be helpful to use the same platform for homeschooling older children as well as preschoolers. One thing I learned while remote learning last school year; keeping up with multiple children on multiple platforms can be very difficult. I am hoping for a more streamlined system for my kids that will return to this hybrid half and half schedule. I am thrilled for the simplicity to come for my homeschooling kids as it’s something I thought was important when I began forming my plans for this year.