Tuttle Twins Books

So I made my first investment in home learning and purchased this books set, 2 sets actually, and the PDF workbook downloads that go with each book. I have only read the first book so far, The Law, and I really like the story based approach and I think the colorful pictures will engage even my fussy reader. I have not yet assigned them to be read by my children nor have I decided how to structure them into the school year but when I read their unique descriptions I felt that they would be a good fit for our family. These books will be used as a foundation for an American Government unit for all of my kiddos (8-15). (They are at about a second grade reading level so they certainly won’t be challenging enough for English lessons for my older 4 kids. They do, however, recommend books for additional reading for teens.) The workbooks are common dittos like crossword puzzles and word searches with relevant words, coloring pages and dot to dots. I’ll pick and choose which I will actually use but I like that each ditto provides an opportunity for me to reopen the discussions generated by the books and drive home the lessons I wished to be learned from each.