Humminbird ICE 35

Accelerate Your Fishing Skills with the Humminbird ICE 35

If you are someone whose favorite hobby is fishing, you must have an array of weapons to prove that. Maybe it is a way to remember those times that you spent with your father or some calming time for you to let go of your stress but you will definitely need the company of the Humminbird ICE 35 to help you make your fishing trip a success.

Let the features of this equipment speak for itself.Humminbird ICE 35


  • Fibre Optic Flasher with 3-Colours – A fiber optic display essentially refers to an LED that takes the help of fiber optic technology to generate images for you. The 3-Colour format brings forward the position of the bottom of the water body, the bait, and the fish, all in real-time. The Humminbird ICE 35 flasher display is bright and totally visible so that you can see the action unfold, right in front of your eyes.
  • Dual Beam Sonar – The ICE Series 35 uses sonar frequencies of 2 ranges – one at 255 kHz and the other at 455 kHz. The Dual beam Plus feature is missing in the Humminbird ICE 35, thus allowing it to run only one range of frequency at a time. The dual beam feature makes it possible for you to view images using a narrow beam and a wide beam with a greater coverage area.
  • An Admirable Depth Range – The Humminbird ICE 35 can cater to a variety of depth ranges with 1x, 2x, 4x and 10x depth ranges. This enables the instrument to work perfectly up to 200 ft under the water level. Some reports, on the other hand, discourage the use of the ICE 35 below a level of 120 ft and encourage the use of ICE 55 for the greater depths.
  • Easily portable – The ICE 35 can be easily kept by your side in a 5-gallon bucket. It is sturdy and yet portable enough to accompany you on all of the fishing trips that you go on. The ICE 35 is designed with a plastic swivel mount at the top so that you can easily carry it by hand also if the need arises.
  • Battery – This fishing equipment comes with a 7 amp/hour battery which can go a long way when you are out on the trip. The package also includes a wall charger so that you have no difficulty charging the instrument up before you go out for the day. Various reports have put the life of the battery to last for 8 to 12 hours per day. This lifetime has been calculated keeping in mind the various angles the Humminbird ICE 35 has been mounted in.
  • Twice the Zoom with Compatible Sensitivity – Keeping aside the depth ranges, you can also zoom in to view the image to the tee as well as change the area according to you, while zooming in. You can adjust the gain of the ICE 35 to fit the requirements during fishing trips according to the varying environmental conditions.


The Humminbird ICE 35 is the all-in-one package that you will need to catch yourself some fishes to show for when you come back from that fishing trip, with its feature-rich and efficient design.

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