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Granny Smith Gift Shop– My Custom Gift Store – I have a little custom gift business, be sure to check it out!

Blog– My overall goal is to build the Momsmith website and Granny Smith online store to function smoothly with no prior experience. My goal for the Momsmith blog is to share useful information as I document this journey with my kids homeschooling for the first time, life as a mom of many, building a website for the first time and starting a little business for the first time. This blog is to be a place for me to share what I learn and show a bit of my own character.

Miss Mommy Smith– Home Learning Resources – I live in the state of Ohio and 20/21 will be my first year home schooling my children and as I move through this transition and learn and build my resource list I want to share it with you all! This is where you will find all things home learning, from the resources I’ve made for my own children to the best resources I’ve found and loved on the internet and in books. Please feel free to reach out with suggestions, comments and ideas!

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